About the trio

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Hello, thanks for stopping by. First, let us introduce ourselves. We are God’s own Belles from Kerala. No, we did not share the same cradles, but it’s been seven years, and we are best friends since. Oh, the names, matter, don’t they? ( Like the Pink in Zara is different from the Pink in say Mantra)

Sunitha, Sruti and Ritu. If only she had a name that started with an “S” we would be a vogue trio say like “The Trio of EsSensous” .

No, she has an “R”, but we still love her, we have large hearts Sruti & I. And heads that almost always dream of shoes, satin and summer, and spring fervor and sandals and pumps, and skirts and stoles and stripes and checks and wait, we are dreaming again.

So, guess what, we wake up each morning and fill our journals with what we dreamt the last night. We call it the Lookbooks. An Indian mystic, the orange robbed hookah-ed kind, tells that the three of us are gifted seers.

Just kidding. Well, forget the rant, but follow our fashion!

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